hms iron duke

hms iron duke

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Little Britain update

Alphen, Netherlands. 18 February.

Little Britain? Twenty-First Century Strategy for a Middling European Power

People have been emailing me this past week asking when my new book on British national and defence strategic challenges will be published.  My aim is to make it available on Amazon next week.  After my losing battle with technology last week I am now going through the final proofs (again). Once done I will order a copy to check all is well and then re-launch it.  Sorry for the delay but this is my first self-published book and I do not have the normal support I get from Oxford University Press or Routledge when I publish with them.  Thank you for your patience which, immodestly, I think will be rewarded.  What I say in the book needs saying not just for the British but all Europeans at this moment of geopolitics re-born.

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