hms iron duke

hms iron duke

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gutter Politics

Sometimes it is hard to take British politicians seriously.  Conservative MP David Morris has this morning written to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London claiming that a Labour MP Jack Dromey incited racial hatred.  The alleged offence took place in a Tweet Mr Dromey sent after visiting a postal sorting office in Birmingham after Mr Dromey had met a postal worker whom he clearly liked.  I have looked at both the Tweet and the attached photo and it is perfectly clear that Mr Dromey was likening his new best friend to a character in a famous old British TV comedy.
By turning this innocent event into an issue of race Mr Morris is playing gutter politics at a sensitive moment and damaged the free speech he claims to uphold.  Ordinary Britons are now cowed into silence by events like this and no longer believe it safe to say anything for fear of falling foul of Britain's draconian race laws.   Worse, by making this spurious complaint he puts the police in an impossible position because he is in effect asking them to become thought police.  The creeping paranoia of the powerful over race is slowly destroying British society and liberty.
I am no great fan of the Labour Party but through this exercise in gutter politics Mr Morris has brought Parliament, MPs and the Conservative Party into further disrepute.  We the citizens are in despair that our leaders seem incapable of taking correct decisions, use laws to mask the consequences of their appalling failures, and play lowest-of-the-low politics with each other.
Stop playing gutter politics Mr Morris and get out into real Britain.  There you will see the mess you and your colleagues of all political persuasions have created.  There you will meet people who need your help and above all there you will see the very serious social issues for which we pay you to fix.
Julian Lindley-French     

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