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hms iron duke

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Is David Cameron another Gordon Brown?

What is it with British prime ministers? No sooner they scramble over the threshold of Number 10 Downing Street then some strange diseases begins to afflict them. They start wars, cut the defence budget, warn the British people of the horribly painful cuts about to hit them and then start spending billions on foreign nationals.

David Cameron might wish to check the water at Number 10 because he is beginning to behave suspiciously like his predecessor, Gordon Brown.

At the very least hubrisitis seems to have set in, claiming to lead by example a world that frankly finds such claims insufferable and not a little laughable. David Cameron’s latest stunt suggests he may indeed wish to talk to someone. Adding £810 million of hard-pressed British taxpayers money to the already burgeoning aid budget to fund immunization in the developing world suggests something has come unhinged. This figure is some ten times more than richer (and more sensible) France, and four times more than the slightly more mighty United States. Do not get me wrong, child immunization is like apple pie and motherhood; incontrovertibly good. But, as soaring UK Rubella rates suggest, British children could do with a bit of that money.

This decision is all the more strange given the warning by the head of the ever-shrinking Royal Navy that Britain’s sole remaining rowing boat might sink after the summer for lack of funds if the Libya War goes on beyond the summer. And, millions of public sector workers are about to strike because cuts will mean much smaller pensions.

There is of course one rational solution. Why not take the money from the £1.2 billion of British taxpayers money promised to nuclear-arming, space launching, weapons-building India. At the very least Prime Minister Cameron should ask the Indians to take over from the Royal Navy as at the British taxpayer is now subsidising India’s brand, spanking new expanding navy.

Let’s all hope that this serial giving away of the broke British taxpayer’s money gets Mr Cameron the UN job to which he clearly aspires. The sooner the better, as far as I am concerned, as then the burden of debt Britain faces might just get a bit lighter! !

Is David Cameron another Gordon Brown?

Julian Lindley-French

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